Canada Passed First Crypto Bill To Grow Crypto Currency & Encourage Crypto Sector Growth 2022

    The Canadian parliament member Michelle Rempel Garner introduced “Bill C-249” on Wednesday, she said that Canada is gaining  billions in investment in the  crypto currency asset . The Michelle said Canada is encouraging the growth of the crypto sector so fast.

This crypto bill directs Canada’s Finance Minister to create a framework within three years to grow and encourage the cryptocurrency asset sector in Canada and reduce the  burden for  crypto investor .

Ms. Rempell Garner says that the people and public officials has  lack of  understanding of the cryptocurrency industry, and she hopes this crypto bill  outlined bridge  gap between the public and private sectors. She said it is also her hope that by keeping the process open for now  all the people and crypto holders, the bill could attract support from other parties. Rempel Garner  said that crypto efforts made  by all central banks around the world as a motivating factor. While the Central Bank of Canada doesn’t yet need to introduce a digital currency, but for in future Canada would also like to introduce its own Digital Currency