Hungary Central Bank Calls Ban on Trading and Mining Crypto

  Central Bank Governor of Hungary Calls Ban on Cryptocurrency Trading and Mining in his country. Hungary’s central bank wants full ban on cryptocurrency trading and mining in the European Union. The Governor of Hungary said  that trading and mining of cryptocurrencies could service illegal and terror activities and tend to build up financial problem. Hungarian Central Bank Governor Wants EU-Wide Crypto Trading and Mining Ban.   The governor of the Hungarian National Bank added that the Russian central bank  is also planning to publish a ban on crypto currency  but the Russian Prime Minister Validimir Putin calls a high tax on crypto trading and mining. he also said that  breakneck growth and market value of cryptocurrencies is defined  by demand for future growth, which creates bubbles. Central bank of Russia proposed in January to outlaw for all cryptocurrency mining hub in the country .Cryptocurrencies also have asset of financial pyramids, because their price growth is heavily supported by demand of coming  new people in the market. Because of large demand of crypto in the world the future of crypto has a great sign of growth. Cryptocurrency may give a big role to boost the economy of the country.