The Russian government has seen the future of crypto currencies in Russia. In the past year Russia’s importance on crypto mining map has also increased. The energy rich country now ranks third in terms of crypto mining capacity. The regulatory approach contrasts with the Central Bank of Russia’s proposal from January to impose a complete ban on a range of operations with crypto currencies, their use, trading and mining. The Bank of RUSSIA to draft crypto law on trading and mining of crypto in Russia. A draft law to implement the plan should be presented by Feb. 18, 2022. Russia’s central bank and President VLADIMIR PUTIN will have so many different  views on digital crypto assets.   RUSSIA owns total 11% of the worlds Bitcoin mining farm which is most by a country in the world. Russian President VLADIMIR PUTIN said he supports a plan to tax and regulate crypto currencies trading and mining in  future to give a big boost to Russian economy. Russia holds largest number of crypto currencies after Ukraine.