10. University of Glasgow

Global Rank: 86 Now a day’s the University of Glasgow is spot on 2022’s list of best universities in the UK. This university is located in Glasgow, Scotland. A creative and cultural hub, and university scores almost perfect ratings in international outlook and citations. Glasgow’s student performance and diversity are impressive, with international students. Nearly 35,000 students studying at this university. The University of Glasgow was founded in 1451. This is the fourth oldest university in the English world.

9. University of Warwick

Global Rank: 78 The University of Warwick opened in 1965. This is a young university, that has a big impact on the world stage. Although the university is well known for its research. its score of 53 out of 100 in the research field, is higher than its ranking. The university makes up for it with impressive rankings in citations and the international world. This University scores a respectable 65.4 out of 100 overall. International students make up 43% of the university’s population, making it the best option for students who want to study abroad.

8. University of Manchester

Global Rank: 50 Manchester university located in the bustling city of Manchester, This University of Manchester is well known for its internationally grateful research and discoveries, such as the first splitting of an atom. The university scores a 14.3 in student to faculty ratio and a score of 54 to 46 for its female to male student ratio. With a score of 45.6 in industry income, the university could aspire to improve in this area. The University of Manchester is considered to be the largest university in the UK.

7. King’s College London

Global Rank: 35 The University of King’s College London is located in vibrant London, a city that is known for its festivals, music, and museums. This university is also home to the largest health care learning centre in Europe. it scores impressive performance in research, citations, and international outlook, therefore it’s no wonder that it ranks 35th globally. King’s College London comes in at number 7 on the top UK universities list. 49% of King’s College London’s student population is international students. if you’re thinking about studying in the UK, you’ll feel right at home.

6. University of Edinburgh

Global Rank: 30 The University of Edinburgh is one of Britain’s seven ancient universities. The university improves its female to male student ratio. However, the lower score for this ranking criterion, the University of Edinburgh does a great job for an environment where international students want to study. 44% of its student population international students make up.

5. UCL

Global Rank: 18 The university’s performance can be attributed to its nearly perfect score for international outlook. The number of students as per staff is 10.6 that making it the highest-scoring institution on the list for this ranking. Where, UCL is one of the lowest-ranking UK universities on the list for industry income, with a score of 44.7. UCL was the first university to admit women on equal terms as men.  

4. London School of Economics and Political Science University

Global Rank: 27 The London School of Economics and Political Science is one of the leading social science universities in the world. So, LSE charts consistently high scores in the world’s outlook, citations, and research. LSE takes the top on the list for the percentage of international students enrolled in the industry. The university estimates that 72% of its student is composed of international students.  

3. Imperial College London

Global Rank: 12 The Imperial College London cracked the top 3 in the UK in 2022. University located in the centre of the English capital, which estimates 59% of its student population is made up of international students. University doesn’t end there: Imperial College London scores a great 11.3 for the number of students per member. The university work to improve its student ratio score of 40 to 60 for female to male students.

2. University of Cambridge

Global Rank: 5 The University of Cambridge is the 4th-oldest university in the world. The University boasts an overall score of 94.6. Cambridge scored almost best rankings in five of the six times Higher Education ranking criteria, teaching, research, international outlook, and overall impression. Cambridge estimates that 39% of its student are international students.  

1. University of Oxford

Global Rank: 1 The University of Oxford rank first place on this year’s list of the top university in the UK. Oxford held the top spot globally for the sixth year in a row. In terms of performance, the University of Oxford achieved nearly perfect ratings for its teaching, research, and international outlook criteria. University score of 10.7 for the number of students per staff member, which boasts the second-highest score on the list for this ranking criteria.